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5 Best Marathons around the World in 2020.

by qalfit

Is running a marathon still unchecked in your bucket list? It’s 2020 already and there is no better time to plan your marathon! Running a marathon is definitely a huge achievement and one of the greatest feelings you could experience in your lifetime. Believe us the 42.2 Kms of endurance and physical toil will all be worth it when you reach the finish line. If you are searching for the best marathons around the world in 2020 to compete for, we have compiled a list for you!

1. Great wall marathon.

Great wall marathon | BEST MARATHONS AROUND THE WORLD IN 2020 | Qalfit

Since its inception in 1999, the Great Wall Marathon has been a dream marathon for runners across the globe. This incredibly challenging marathon hosts more than 2500 runners from 60 countries each year trying hard to conquer all the 5164 steps while admiring the beauty of it.

Date: 16 May 2020.

Location: The Great Wall of China, China.

Difficulty: Very challenging.

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2. Midnight sun marathon

Midnight sun marathon  | BEST MARATHONS AROUND THE WORLD IN 2020 | Qalfit

Norway’s Midnight sun marathon is set in the never-ending Scandinavian sunlight during the month of June. The race begins at 8.30 pm where the night as clear as day. The runners can enjoy the beautiful view of snow-capped mountains and surreal backdrop in this marathon.

Date: 20 June 2020.

Location: Tromsø, Norway.

Difficulty: Easy.

3. Antarctic ice marathon.

Antarctic ice marathon | BEST MARATHONS AROUND THE WORLD IN 2020 | Qalfit

The Antarctic ice marathon is a very intense marathon held in Antarctica in bone-chilling -20C temperature at an altitude of 700 meters, making one of the best marathons around the world in 2020.

Date: 13 December 2020.

Location: few hundred miles from the South Pole, Antarctica.

Difficulty: Very challenging.

4. Baxter’s loch ness marathon.

Baxter's loch ness marathon |Qalfit

The Baxters Loch Ness marathon is a spectacularly scenic race that is set in the shorelines of Loch Ness. This race is famous for its friendly feel with a lot of local support. And even better, you’ll have a hot meal waiting for you at the finish line.

Date: 04 October 2020.

Location: Scotland.

Difficulty: Easy.

5. New York City Marathon.

New York City Marathon | Qalfit

Marathon runners from all over the world describe the New York City marathon as one of the most uplifting experiences in running. Of course, it would be! Running amidst the skyscrapers and cheering crowds on either side of the busy city is surely an amazing experience in running.

Date: 01 November 2020.

Location: New York, USA.

Difficulty: Easy.

You have your destinations and your running shoes. Why are you waiting for? Challenge yourself by competing in these best marathons around the world in 2020!

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