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5 fun ways to exercise at home

by qalfit

Given the current world scenario, almost all of the gyms and fitness studios are now closed across the globe and people are actively seeking ways to workout at home now more than ever. Moreover, when you’re stuck at home and feeling restless, a workout can clear your mind and give you the energy-push you need for the rest of the day. But, even all this excitement and novelty of exercising in a new environment with minimum or no equipment can go stale after a few days. This is why you need to keep finding some fun ways to exercise at home and to avoid boredom when the gym isn’t an option anymore.

Here are a few tips on how to try out some fun ways to exercise at home

1. Try online workout classes.

Social distancing is a thing now and it is quite common to miss your packed workout classes. Fortunately, there are tonnes of workout videos and streaming fitness studios available online. Even top fitness trainers and celebrities are taking free workout classes on their social media handles. You can give those a try and you can even mix it up with different instructors for each day to beat boredom while working out at home.

2. Vary your workouts.

According to fitness experts, if you follow the same workout plan for a long period, your body will get adapted to it and your efforts will no longer have any effect on your body. So, no matter what type of workouts you are doing at home, you need to vary your workouts to keep it interesting. If you have already made significant progress in your workout routine, you need to start progressing and keep making things harder as you get fitter.

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3. Reward yourself.

Whether you are working out at home to lose weight or to get six-pack abs, nothing can push you forward like a creative reward. These rewards necessarily don’t have to be for any goals, you can even reward yourself for ‘showing up’ for workouts in your home. So, try to think of some fun ways to reward yourself. For instance, set a goal to continuously show up for workout for 5 days and reward yourself with a new TV show you want to binge-watch.

4. Try circuit workouts.

Circuit workouts can work wonders in keeping your home workouts both quick and interesting. A ‘circuit’ is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. For example, take 3 or 4 exercises from your regular gym routine and do them back-to-back with no break in between. You can rest for 2 minutes and repeat it 3 times more. This makes your home workout sessions feel like you’re working out at the gym and also make it more intense.

5. Set a non-body goal.

Setting body goals like shedding 3 Kgs in 2 weeks or reducing your hip size by 2 inches is a great motivation factor for any workout. But given the current scenario, where we are confined to our homes, setting body goals may not be particularly motivating. So, you can set non-body goals like perfecting your posture, better body movements or increasing stamina. This way you can focus on something positive and beat boredom while working out at home.

For those who worked out at gyms in their rotation long before social distancing became necessary, working out at home may become boring after a few sessions. Even if you have just started working out in this quarantine period, after a few days, you may lose the motivation to move forward. So, use these fun ways to exercise at home and make the most of your home workouts.

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