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5 Important Swimming Tips for Beginners

by qalfit

Ever seen a non-gym buff with a good physique and wondered how he maintains such a good body? We can break the secret for you. He’s Swimming!

Swimming is a complete package loaded for fitness and health. It is a great cardiovascular workout for heart plus, it acts as a very good weight training for muscles too. In fact, you can see regular swimmers have a good and strong body than gym buffs. So, if you’re tired of not seeing any results despite going to the gym, you can go swimming! And we have a few important swimming tips for beginners that could come handy to you. 

1. Don’t skip warm-up 

Swimming tips for beginners | Qalfit

Like every other exercise, the most important swimming tip for beginners you’ll hear as a beginner is Warm-up! Get into the pool and start by stretching and flexing your body followed by gliding for a few minutes. This gets the blood flowing and your body gets used to being in the water. Also, it prevents muscle cramps during your swimming session.  

2. Practice your breathing.


Breathing is the key to being a good swimmer. After you finish your warm-up try to control your breathing by inhaling quickly and exhaling slowly. This technique improves your lung capacity and enables you to hold your breath longer underwater. 

3. Always wear a swimming cap and goggles.

Swimming tips for beginners

Modern-day swimming pools can be heavily chlorinated. High chlorine levels can cause damage to your scalp and can also irritate your eyes. This, in the long run, may also lead to hair loss and eye infection. So, always wear a swimming cap and swimming goggles to protect your hair and eyes.

4. The 20-minute rule.


This is one of the important swimming tips for beginners you need to keep in mind. Never ever get into the pool immediately after eating. Getting into water immediately after eating causes stomach cramps. Wait for at least 20-minute before you get into the water.

5. Don’t forget to Cooldown 

5 Swimming tips for beginners | Qalfit

Like warm-up cooldown is also extremely important in swimming. When you swim your blood flows rapidly from your heart and your muscles tighten as they get full of lactic acid. You need to relax and lay down for at least 15 minutes after you finish your swimming. This relaxes your muscles and brings it back to the normal stage.

Any type of exercise is better than none, but swimming is proven to be one of the best for both mind and body. So, if you want to try swimming, keep these important swimming tips for beginners in mind!

Just like swimming, running every day is also good for health makes your body fit. Here is our article on running tips for beginners.

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