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5 signs you need to move to a healthy diet plan

by qalfit

Let’s be honest. Most of us are poor judges when it comes to choosing a diet plan for our body goals. Almost everyone thinks that they have chosen a healthy diet plan and they’re eating pretty well. But in reality, most of us have no clue how our diet affects the body. Following the wrong diet for your body type might end up making you sick. So, if you think that you’re dealing more with the negative side effects of your diet without seeing any results, then maybe it’s time to change your diet plan.

Here are some of the warning signs you need to change your diet (and move to a healthy diet plan).

1. You’re Hangry

Hungry + Angry is a deadly combination of emotions that not only spoils the fun you but for others around you as well. This is particularly true for people on a diet. Cutting way more calories and carbs on your diet can make you ‘Hangry’. This is because when you limit your carbs below a certain level, your sugar levels will drop making you feel irritable. So, try changing to a healthy diet plan that allows more carbs on your plate.

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2. Skin and hair issues

If you have recently started to develop acne and wrinkles or see your hair thinning, it may be a sign that you need to change your diet. Skin and hair issues are frequently a result of a diet that is low in iron, fat, and protein. To counteract this, consider changing your diet that consists of more good fat foods that are rich in protein. Including salmon, avocados, dates, and nuts in your diet can help you resolve these issues. 

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3. Belly issues

Belly issues might be common if you have just started a new diet plan because your body is trying to adjust to your new food habits. But prolonged issues like digestive discomfort and constipation can all be signs that you are not taking enough fiber or maybe you’re taking too much processed foods. To counteract this, increase your fiber intake, cut all processed foods, and drink more water.  

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4. You’re Binge eating

Binge eating is something that is strictly prohibited in almost all diet plans, even if it’s binging on healthy food. But if you constantly find yourself down an entire can of nuts or bowls of fruits, it’s likely a sign you need to change your diet. Because binging is your body’s way of responding to not getting enough nutrients. So, if you catch yourself binging on foods again, change to a healthy diet plan that encourages more nutrients. 

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5. You’re Tired all-day

Does climbing the stairs feel or carrying your grocery to your home feel like a challenge for you? You might need to blame your diet here! Being tired all day is a result of your metabolism slowing down. This is your body’s way of conserving energy when it’s not getting enough calories to go through the day. Try including protein-rich foods like eggs and nuts into your diet.

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When we start a diet, we only focus on losing weight or gaining weight and completely forget that our body needs sufficient nutrients to be healthy. Make sure that you pay attention to these signs and switch to a healthy diet plan in case these points strike a chord.

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