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5 simple things that will improve your fitness results

by Team Qalfit

Whether you are training for weight loss or to get those surfboard abs, one hard truth is that it takes time (More time than you think) to get the fitness results that you expected. You may be training for months and still be gaining weight while you’re working out and your belly would still be making it tough for you to button your shirt.  But, don’t give up hope! Check out these 5 simple things that will improve your fitness results and helps you reach your fitness goal even faster. 

1. Find the right shoes.

Things that will improve your fitness results | Qalfit

Sometimes even the little things like your shoe discomfort may have a huge impact on your fitness results. Not using the right shoes for training may even push you to quit your training. So, it’s not wrong if you invest some time and money to find the right shoe that fits you. The right shoe may even allow you to work twice as much as you usually do.

2. Stay hydrated.


Most people who work out don’t understand that staying hydrated is also a part of their fitness program. In fact, staying hydrated is an important part of every fitness routine. Hydrating yourself with adequate water during training plays a major role in your fitness results. So, try to fix a daily goal on your water intake and stay hydrated.

3. Work harder, not longer.

Things that will improve your fitness results | Qalfit

It’s time to break the truth. Your long gym hours won’t mean anything on your fitness results if you don’t work hard enough. A 30-minute-high intensity uphill walking 2 times a week is definitely a better fat burner than 1 hour running 3 times a week.  

4. Compromise with your temptations.


Over time, your urge to eat those chips and pizzas may increase to a level where you may go full rampage on junk foods. So, don’t give up on temptation and treat yourself occasionally with your favorite food. This will help you improve your fitness results.

5. Get active outside your gym.

Things that will improve your fitness results | Qalfit

One thing you need to clearly remember is that you can’t expect your gym hours to do all the work for you. Fitness is a lifestyle and you need to understand that following good fitness habits even outside your gym contributes a huge chunk to reach your fitness goals faster. As we said, fitness is a lifestyle and it takes time to reach your fitness goals. But the important thing is that you need to stick to your routine and keep your fitness goals in mind. 

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