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5 Simple ways to prevent weight gain while at home

by qalfit

While the whole world is confined to their homes in a collective attempt to flatten the coronavirus curve, we can use this time to reach our fitness goals. Whether it is getting six-pack abs, reducing a few inches along the waistline, or losing a few extra pounds, losing weight and getting fit is certainly doable. But, at the same time, it is also easy to slip a little on the other side to end up gaining weight while at home. You need to steer along the right way in these times while you’re at home to be in good shape. But don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are 5 simple ways to prevent weight gain while at home.

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1. Establish a routine

establish routine at home-ways to prevent weight gain at home

First of the ways to prevent weight gain at home is to establish a routine. Being at home all day can stress you enough to deviate from your routine. This is why you need to establish a morning and evening routine to boost your spirit and keep stress at bay. A routine need not be a heavy workout routine like an intense HIIT session or weight training session. A healthy routine like brief meditation or a brisk house walking to lose weight , in the morning and an easy stretch session followed by a nice hot bath before going to bed is a good routine.

2. Prepare a meal and snack chart

Meal chart. ways to prevent weight gain at home

While staying home for a long time, your brain may trick you by sending false hunger alarms and may make you overeat. Most of these times you are just bored or thirsty. So, you need to follow a consistently healthy eating schedule to maintain your weight. Prepare a meal and snack chart and start following it accordingly. There are many apps that you can use as a meal scheduler or you can just use a normal note and pen in this case.

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3. Find an accountability buddy

Woman practising yoga at home standing on a mat on her living room floor while watching and participating in a class

Sticking to your workout schedule can be a difficult thing to do while not going to the gym! Most of the times you just won’t find the motivation to do so. This is why you need to find someone to keep you accountable. If you have a partner in your home, make them your accountability buddy or you can even have your friend who is not staying with you as a virtual accountability buddy. The important thing is to get motivation and a much-needed social connection.

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4. Never pave way for stress

stress management

Stress not only ruins your physical health and weight loss goals, but also leaves a huge mark on your mental health, and in these times of staying at home all day, it would be reckless! When you stress, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that triggers food cravings. So, you must be careful not to put yourself in a situation that stresses you a lot. This will help you prevent weight gain while at home.

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5. Separate Entertainment from food

seprate entertainment from food

Of all the things that you do on the time you’re at home, those small snacks you munch while watching Tv or playing board games with your family does the biggest damage to your weight loss goals. This is crucial because, if you combine food with entertainment, you will lose track of time and the count of those chips packet that you emptied. So, try to avoid eating while you’re watching Tv or engaging in any form of entertainment. This will help you be mindful of what you eat.

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Maintaining your current weight and preventing weight gain while at home is especially difficult when so much is going on in the world. But the important thing is to show up to your routine keep moving forward to your goals. So, follow these 5 simple ways to prevent weight gain while you are at home and achieve your fitness goals faster. 

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