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5 ways to make your bodyweight exercise at home harder

by qalfit

If you are planning to use the whole ‘lockdown’ situation efficiently at your home by working out daily, bodyweight exercise at home is particularly convenient and effective when you don’t have access to any equipment. However, as you progress, your body adapts to your new fitness regime of bodyweight exercises. These home exercises to lose weight and build fitness will eventually have no effect on your body. This is why you need to make your at-home bodyweight exercises harder. 

But, increasing the difficulty of your at-home bodyweight exercises harder is not as easy as adding more weights to your equipment. Here are a few ways you could try to make your at-home bodyweight exercises harder. 

1. Work on your angle

Each muscle on your body is responsible for a specific movement. If you can adjust your body angle and positioning to exert more movement on your muscles while doing bodyweight exercise at home, you can effectively increase the intensity of your exercises. 

How to do it: For example, if you’re doing traditional push-ups, you can make it harder by performing your reps with your feet on a chair behind you.

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2. Increase the range of your pose

Increasing the range of your pose will make any exercise harder because it uses more muscles and places them under stress, thus allowing you to improve your strength and stability. The trick lies in finding how far your body can go to complete the exercise.

How to do it: For exampleif you’re doing split squats, you can elevate your front foot to make it harder. 

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3. Engage your core

You can make any exercise intensely harder and more effective if you can engage your core to the maximum. A proper core positioning strengthens your core and burns fat. This is why you need to engage your core to make your at-home bodyweight exercises harder.

How to do it: Whatever exercise you are doing, try tucking your tailbone so that your ribs point your feet. Use this technique on all the exercise you’re doing to engage your core to the maximum and make it more challenging

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4. Decrease your stability

Stability is a good thing that can have to make your exercise effective, but if you can put yourself off balance, you can make any exercise harder by employing more stabilizer muscles. This helps you get fit in less time.

How to do it: You can decrease your stability while doing an exercise in many ways, for example, if you’re doing squats or lunges, you can put your feet closer. You can also decrease the stability of the surface you’re doing exercise on.

5. Add isometrics 

Isometrics exercises are a type of exercise that involves holding a static position for a set period. Planks and wall sits are the classic examples for isometric exercises. One of the main benefits of these isometric exercises is they put a lot of muscle fibers to work at once. 

How to do it: You can add isometrics to any exercise to make it more challenging to perform. 

For example, if you’re doing Russian twists, you could hold your position on a side with your legs in the air.

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Making your bodyweight exercise at home harder is an excellent way to challenge yourself to get in shape. Along with these 5 ways to make your bodyweight exercises harder, you can also try increasing your reps for each set and decreasing your rest time. 

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