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5 ways to trick your mind to workout regularly.

by qalfit

Do you know what’s harder than working out? Working out regularly! 

7/10 people quit working out because as much as they want to train for fitness, there will always be a part of the mind that tells them to quit. It’s human nature, we are not accustomed to pain. Our brain tries to avoid pain at all costs. So, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, your mind will always find a way to disrupt your workout plans. But, don’t worry. We have these 5 ways to trick your mind to work out regularly.

1. Powerup your playlist


Research shows that music can help you exercise longer and harder. Equip your music player with songs that give you energy. These songs don’t have to be positive and upbeat but should give you a push to workout harder with more intensity. So, powerup your playlist and trick your mind to work out regularly.

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2. Have a superman mindset.

 work out regularly | Qalfit

At some point in your workout, it may get intense and all you can think about is calling it quits. This is the time you need to be a superman. No, we are not asking you to bend metals, instead, think of someone you admire and ask yourself “How will they overcome this situation?”. This superman mindset tricks your mind to take a different decision at the moment.

3. Find a workout buddy.

 work out regularly | Qalfit

Most of the people quit their workouts because they don’t have any company. If you are struggling to get out of your sofa to do your workout, find a workout buddy and workout together. This way you can keep tabs on each other and improve your workout.

4. Goals, Goals, Goals.


When you are in the middle of a sprint or heavy workout, your mind will scream at you to stop. This is how your brain copes up with you in times of pain. If you want to calm that voice, you can trick your mind by setting goals and endpoints. If you hear that screaming voice inside just focus on your goals and keep moving!

5. Fill in the mental space. 

 work out regularly | Qalfit

You can also get through these heavy workouts by filling your mental space with repetitive thoughts like counting your steps, saying positive directives in your mind. This way you can trick your mind to work out regularly.

Next time you think of quitting your workout, use these methods to trick your mind to work out regularly and make some lifestyle changes for weight loss

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