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6-essential tips for long-distance cycling

by qalfit

Nothing can beat a long-distance cycling ride in the countryside with your friends after a hectic workweek. If you are pumped up about your upcoming long-distance cycling ride but still not sure about a few things, these 6 essential tips for long distance cycling can help you.

1. Check your bike

6 essential tips for long distance cycling | Qalfit

Safety must be your number one priority. Pick the right bike that is best suited for your height, weight and the trail track. Do a proper brake check, tire check, and chain check before you hit the road.

2. Set up your gears

6 essential tips for long distance cycling | Qalfit

Wearing the right outfit for your ride is as important as choosing the right bike for your ride. Prefer bright and fit clothes. Also, remember to use a good helmet and knee pads. They could save your life.

3. Bulletproof your belly

6 essential tips for long distance cycling | Qalfit

Never start your ride in an empty stomach. Always have a good meal loaded with nutrients, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibers before your ride. And don’t forget to store some energy snacks on your bike.

4. Prepare for the sun

Prepare for the sun | Qalfit

On a long-distance cycling ride like these, the sun can be a daunting factor. You need to stay hydrated regularly and use sunglasses and sunscreens to protect your body from sun damage and harmful UV rays.

5. Track your performance

Track your performance | Qalfit

It is important that you monitor and keep track of your performance to know the intensity of your exercises and to know how much you are pushing your body. Using a good heart rate monitor can help you with this.

6. Listen to your body

Listen to your body | Qalfit

Eventually, your ride will tire you but your mental conscience will tell you to keep going. This is the time you need to listen to your body rather than your mind. Your body needs that rest after a long cycling session.

Long-distance cycling is a great way to stay fit as well as to promote a healthy mental state. By following our 6-essential long-distance cycling tips, you can rest assured that your cycling experience will be safer and much better.

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