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Adidas Alphabounce 3 Review: Does it Offer the Perfect Blend of the Cool Look and Awesome Performance?

by qalfit

Adidas Alphabounce 3 is a successful third- installment of the Alphabounce running shoe line. Adidas markets Alphabounce 3 as a versatile running shoe with a seamless mesh upper and flexible cushioning. Instead of relying only on new materials and some design tweaks, Adidas has used some of the latest technologies to reimagine the entire running shoe concept. 

So, does it offer the perfect blend of the cool look and awesome performance? Does it really pack the power you would expect in this kind of shoe line? Check out this Adidas Alphabounce 3 review by Qalfit.

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Key features of Adidas Alphabounce 3 Running Shoes: 

  • Supportive Forged Mesh upper for a comfortable fit.
  • Designed for durability and responsive cushioning.
  • Bounce+ energized cushioning midsole for superior performance.
  • Sock-like construction for a snug fit.
  • Advanced construction supports outstanding durability.
  • Redesigned rubber outsole for more support.

Shoe Information:

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Model: Alphaboost 3
  • Type: Neutral running shoe
  • Weight: 289 grams 
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 10 mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 20 mm

Adidas Alphabounce 3- Positives:

  • Adidas has used a technology called ARAMIS digital image correlation system (Motion capture technology) to understand the differences in stress and tension caused by different materials in the shoe. This allowed Adidas to design a perfect shoe aimed for performance.
  • The upper part of the shoe is made of a forged mesh that is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.
  • The Alphabounce 3 packs a nice amount of cushioning under the foot that takes the energy return and comfort aspect to the next level. It provides a fast rebound with each stride.
  • The durable construction is designed for speed drills and high-intensity workouts. They are ready to work hard as you are.
  • This shoe has a multipurpose design. You can wear it for many activities and you can even wear it as a casual sneaker. 

Adidas Alphabounce 3- Negatives:

  • It is designed for short runs so it is not as good with ventilation as the other Adidas shoes.
  • The shoe doesn’t have much ankle support. For some users, this might be uncomfortable during runs.

Qalfit feature rating: 4.2

Qalfit comfort rating: 4. 5

Qalfit durability rating: 4.4

Alphabounce is an affordable running shoe that offers you a comfortable fit, cushioned, and supportive ride with a durable outsole. Overall Adidas Alphabounce 3 is a comfortable cool-looking casual shoe that is best suited for occasional short runs.

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