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Adidas PureBoost Go Review: The Best Shoe for Urban Track Runners?

by qalfit

The Adidas PureBoot series has expanded almost yearly since its first version was released back in the early days of Boost. Adidas PureBoost series is a more affordable alternative to the Adidas Ultra boost series. The Adidas PureBoost Go is a revolutionary next step in the original Boost family.  

So, does Adidas PureBoost Go stand up to its expectations? Is it really the best shoe for urban and suburban track runners? Check out this Adidas PureBoost Go review by Qalfit.

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Key features of Adidas PureBoost Go:

  • Adaptive knit textile upper with non-stretch zones for forefoot and midfoot support.
  • High-density boost for a responsive and stable feel.
  • Continental rubber outsole for extraordinary traction in wet and dry conditions.
  • Sock-like construction for a snug fit.
  • All-new boost HD midsole for crazy responsiveness and comfort on any surface.

Shoe Information:

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Model: PureBoost 
  • Type: Neutral running shoe
  • Weight: 285 grams 
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 23.9mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 31.8mm

Adidas PureBoost Go- Positives:

  • The boost midsole in PureBoost go gives you a lightweight, cloud-like sensation on every step and this makes running on any terrain effortless with minimal fatigue. 
  • The foam underneath the heel is more than 30 millimeters. This provides a great cushion experience for longer training runs.
  • The thin-layer of rubber arranged in a spider web-like design gives you good traction and a great sense of security with each step taken.
  • Adidas PureBoost Go shoe construction provides a snug wrap around the foot. It also allows for good air circulation.
  • If you’re a person with wide feet, this shoe is a decent option for you. The upper unit is stretchable enough to accommodate wide feet.

Adidas PureBoost Go- Negatives:

  • There are no plastic wedges or guide rails underneath the foot, just the dependable foam. So, you can’t expect much motion control in learning curves. 
  • According to some users, crisscrossing shoelaces put uncomfortable pressure on the instep.

Qalfit feature rating: 4.4

Qalfit comfort rating: 4. 6

Qalfit durability rating: 4.4

Adidas PureBoost Go is a comfortable, cushioned shoe that offers amazing responsiveness and a cool look. Overall, PureBoost Go is a performance-oriented shoe and it is one of the best running shoes for urban explorers and sub-urban track runners. 

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