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Asim Riaz Fitness: The BB 13’s fitness freak who won the hearts of many!

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Asim Riaz may not have won the winner’s title of the 13th edition of Hindi Bigg Boss, but he sure has won many hearts. Asim Riaz is a 26-year-old fitness freak and International fashion model, born in Jammu. He did his schooling from Delhi public school in J&k and later moved to Mumbai to pursue his modelling career. Although Asim Riaz fitness had been top-notch from the time he featured in Tv commercials like Blackberrys, B’lue and Numero Uno, people started noticing him after he made his Tv debut with the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss (2019).

Asim Raiz's muscular body | Asim Raiz fitness

This craze for Asim among the guys and girls is not only due to his character but also due to Asim Riaz’s fitness. He is a fitness freak! From the day he entered the Bigg Boss house, until the day he came out as the first-runner up, Asim Riaz fitness has been perfect and he even worked out every day to maintain his image of being a fitness enthusiast. Asim Riaz’s fitness journey inspired many and he is seen as a youth icon by his fans. He became the most talked-about contestant in the show and gained a humongous fan following and public support that even though he did not win the Bigg Boss trophy, he is more popular and has more supporters than the Bigg Boss title winner. He comes across as a modern man with progressive thoughts who respects women.

Asim Raiz workout and body muscles

Asim Riaz’s fitness, character and physique made him a sensation among youths in India. And after Bigg Boss 2019, Bollywood is more than welcome to add this talented model to its inventory. He sent his fans into a frenzy as he made his Bollywood entry starring opposite to Bollywood Diva Jacqueline Fernandez in a music video titled ‘Mere angne mein’- the Holi celebration song released recently on March 8, 2020.  Starting from nowhere and pursuing his fitness journey to end up being one of the all-time favourite Bigg Boss contestants for many, Asim Riaz’s fitness journey is extraordinary. And now he is all set to be 2020’s biggest Bollywood entry!

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