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Benefits of walking: 4 common walking myths you need to stop believing

by qalfit

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), USA, Walking is the most popular physical activity in the world to get your heart rates up. It is reported that 6 out of 10 adults walk at least 10 minutes a week. Unlike other types of exercise, walking just needs a good pair of shoes and motivation to get moving. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of walking, and with more than 145 million adults including walking as a part of their fitness lifestyle, it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. However, there are some serious misconceptions and myths present around walking. So, before you think walking isn’t just worth your time, take a look at these 5 common walking myths that you need to stop believing right now.

Myth 1: Walking is for people who can’t run

One of the most common myths about walking is that walking is just a routine for people who can’t run or workout daily. This is a completely false statement. Walking is a good exercise for everyone who likes to improve their fitness and heart health. There is no evidence that suggests running is better than walking. In fact, it has been found that people who walk regularly reduced cholesterol levels, stress levels, and prevented the onset of diabetes and heart diseases effectively than runners.  

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Myth 2: You need to hit 10,000 per day to reap the benefits of walking

So, you’ve just started walking and your fellow walkers are asking about your step count and your fitness tracker is buzzing you to hit 10,000 steps- We’ve all been there. Even though walking 10,000 steps per day is associated with lower blood pressure and improved heart health, all that matters is the effort you put in it. The ‘10,000 steps holy grail’ is just an arbitrary target.

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Myth 3: Walking doesn’t help you lose weight

This is one of the biggest myths you’ll hear about walking and despite what people say, walking works does help you lose weight! Of course, a daily walk in your neighbourhood with your pet isn’t going to move the needle on the scale. You need high-intensity walks and moderately paced walks to burn those extra fats. You can even include HIIT (High-intensity interval training) into your walking workout can help you lose weight.

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Myth 4: Walking must be a workout, always

Although intense walking has some eye-catching benefits, you can ignore the benefits of taking a leisure stroll. Regardless of your distance or speed, walking regularly has loads of health benefits ranging from reduced anxiety and a healthy heart. Health experts even suggest that taking a single walk can improve your mood. So, instead of always looking walking as a workout, just enjoy the moment!

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In today’s society, where most of us spend more than 12 hours on the office chair or couch, any movement is better than none, and walking is a great exercise to get you moving. You can do it anytime, anywhere and it’s a great way to improve your cardio endurance. But, be sure not to fall for these common walking myths. 

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