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Brown fat: What is it and how to activate it for weight loss?

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When it comes to fitness and weight loss, fat is often the most discussed part of the conversation. Healthy fitness progress involves either adding good fat into a diet to lose weight or burning the bad fat to decrease your overall body fat percentage. However, it’s easy to round up ‘fat’ into a single category, but, by now, you must know that NOT all fat is created equal. There is another good kind of body fat, a much less discussed one, that you must know – Brown fat. Here are a few ways in which you can activate brown fat for weight loss.

What is brown fat?

Brown Fat or brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a special type of body fat that produces heat to help maintain your body temperature in cold conditions. It mainly lies in the neck and shoulder region and only makes up a few grams of body weight. Everyone is born with a large amount of brown fat in the body but as we age, these big stores of brown fat decrease, and by the time we are adults, only a small portion of it is left in our body. This is because, babies are more susceptible to cold as they have immature nervous system development, less body hair, and less muscular development, so they can’t shiver to warm up their body. This way, brown fat regulates heat to keep the babies warm. 

How does brown fat help to lose weight?

Brown fat is packed with iron-rich mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cell. When brown fat burns it creates heat without shivering. This process is called thermogenesis. During this process of creating heat, the brown fat also burns calories. Thus, experts believe that if we activate the brown fat in adults, it can possibly be a treatment for obesity and weight loss.

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How to activate brown fat for weight loss?

1. Cold treatment

weight loss with cold shower

Since brown fat is activated by cold, exposure to cold is the best way to activate brown fat for weight loss. This way, if you expose yourself to cold, your body may switch from burning brown fat to white fat which helps to reduce excess fat in the body. This doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself in a freezer or bury yourself in snow. Spending just a few minutes outside on cold weather or taking a cold shower would do.

2. Take a balanced meal

Balance Diet

According to research by German and Finland scientists, the brown fat in your body works with a certain hormone in the gut to control hunger signals, and eating a balanced meal might help activate brown fat for weight loss. Brown can be created when your body reaches a saturation point when eating. So, eat well until you’re satisfied and feel full. This might just be enough to activate your brown fat for weight loss. 

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3. An Apple a day

Apple to reduce tummy fat

A chemical compound called ursolic acid has been found to increase the brown fat composition in the body along with the muscle mass strength. This ursolic acid is abundantly found in Apple peel. Thus, an apple a day helps increase muscle mass and activate brown fat to burn calories at a faster rate.

4. The secret is with Secretin

secretin food for fat loss

A research paper on cells published on 2019 found that secretin, a hormone released after a meal acts as an appetite suppressant to increase the amount of heat brown fat produces. Thus, consuming secretin-boosting foods like olive oil, meat, cheese, and nuts helps activate brown fat for weight loss.

5. Physical activity

Reduce body fat with regular exercise

Exercise not only helps to improve your mood and reduce your risk of chronic conditions; it also helps to create and activate brown fat in the body. Yes. Physical activity is an excellent brown fat creator. When you exercise, your body releases an enzyme called irisin that has been proven to convert white fat cells to brown fat cells.

While most people know about white fat, not many people know about the importance of brown fat in the body and weight loss. If you can successfully activate brown fat in the body, you can add ‘activating brown fat for weight loss’ to your weight loss techniques list. Thus, following these tips can help you improve and activate brown fat composition in the body.

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