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Build a home gym on a budget!

by qalfit

As many gyms across the world are closed for the foreseeable future, people who are quarantined in their homes are struggling to stay on track with their fitness programs. Of course, bodyweight workouts like squats and push-ups are a solid option to workout at home, but to get an effective workout from your living room, you definitely need to have some equipment at your disposal to make your workouts more challenging. Well, no gyms, no equipment at home and definitely buying new fitness equipment is not in the cards. Seems impossible to stay on track? Don’t worry! We got your back. Even if you don’t have any equipment at home, here are a few suggestions from fitness pros on how to build a home gym on a budget!

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Make your own kettlebell with a backpack:

Take a backpack and fill it with books. Simple as that and voila! Your own homemade kettlebell is ready! If you’re searching for heavier weights to replace barbell or kettlebells, filling your suitcase or backpack with books or clothes can do the trick. You can wear the backpack on your back for squats or hold it by the straps for deadlifts. You can also easily do squats, lunges, glute bridges and side squats by holding your suitcase on to your chest.

Furniture sliders as ab-rollers:

Missing your ab roller workouts? You can easily use the furniture gliders in your home as a substitute for an ab-roller. All you need to do is come onto all fours, placing your hands on the gliders and sliding your hands back and forth. You can also increase the intensity by doing this one-handed lying on your side. These gliders can intensify your workout at home and can even give you great abs!

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Stairs and chairs for push-ups and lunges:

When it comes to building a home gym on a budget, never underestimate the capability of the furniture and staircases at home. These stairs and chairs can be potential workout equipment. You can use a chair for push-ups and triceps dips and use the stairs for cardio and step-ups. You can also use stairs for lunge variations like a split squat and skater squat.

Tennis ball massage therapy:

Tennis balls can be used as effective equipment for self-myofascial release- a massage therapy method where you apply gentle pressure on your muscles to eliminate pain and relax muscles. You can roll tennis balls on your muscles to help speed up recovery, muscle pain or just do it because it feels good to do! Your home gym your rules!

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A home personal trainer in your pockets!

Sometimes you just need a little motivation and gentle push from your personal trainers to get on your shoes and start working out. But since you’re in your home even a simple deck of cards can do the trick! Make each number on the cards signify a rep and the suit of the card as an exercise and draw a card. For example, mark spades as squats, diamonds as push-ups, hearts as lunges and clubs as crunches, draw 10 cards and follow the workout.  These simple household items can serve as an effective workout equipment if you use it in the right way. Thus, even in the midst of social distancing and home quarantine, you can still workout at home. Build a home gym on a budget and stay active on your fitness routine

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