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Cult.fit online live classes – What the world needs right now!

by qalfit

Fitness is not about going to the gym or eating avocadoes and egg whites for breakfast, fitness is a lifestyle. And this fact has gained significance today because, amid all the quarantines, isolations and lockdowns across the country right now, gyms are certainly not an exception! To save the gym-goers from witnessing their devastating journey of slowly falling out of shape, Cult Fit, the Indian fitness start-up by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, has launched Cult Fit- Online Live fitness classes.

Staying home definitely saves you from coronavirus, but poses a threat to the fitness progressions you’ve made so far!

As Gyms are shut due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Cult fit, the Indian fitness start-up which has 500,000 active subscribers across its 305 branches all over India and Dubai, saw this as a perfect opportunity to launch their online live fitness classes named Cult live. These online classes offer live coaching and training (Minimum or no equipment trainings) led by real athletes all days of the week while you can workout safely at your homes. This great initiative by Cult fit is welcomed by many as in high times like these, Cult live helps them get back on track to their normal fitness routine. 

Cult.Fit online live classes

The best thing about Cult live is that the fitness classes are live and not recorded, so the users can get real-time training and feedback from the instructors. Not to forget the fact that all the sessions including Strength sessions, Cardio sessions, HRX sessions, and Yoga sessions are taught by real athletes and star trainers. Another cool feature of Cult.Fit online live classes are that you have an energy meter that tracks your score and progress as you compete with other fellow online users. These features help the users stay motivated and inspire a competitive experience that makes them feel like they’re working out at the gym. All you need is a Cult fit subscription, internet connection, and a computer or smartphone to access these classes.

As they struggle to cope up with your fitness goals while constantly avoiding the urge to have your third snack break for the day intensifies at an alarming rate, Cult.Fit online live classes are a savior for gym-goers staying at home. 

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