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Gaurav Taneja fitness: The Pilot-turned- ‘Flying beast’

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As the significance of health and fitness is stressed enough in India, our country is yet to adopt the fitness craze. And while the Bollywood celebrities and cricket stars flaunt their fit and sleek look, it is the influencers who are playing an important role by educating health and wellness to the people. One such inspiration is Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as the ‘Flying Beast’ in his fandom is known for his incredible content about fitness.

Gaurav Taneja fitness workout

Gaurav Taneja’s fitness craze and the story of the Flying beast is a fascinating tale. Gaurav Taneja decided to pursue his interest in flying and joined Air Asia as a pilot after being graduated from IIT Kharagpur in civil engineering. Although he did not shine as a sensational pilot, he became a social media sensation after he started his own YouTube channel on lifestyle and fitness where he promotes fitness and Indian destinations through his YouTube Channels.

Gaurav Taneja’s fitness is inspired by many via his two successful YouTube channels called ‘Flying Beast’ and ‘FitMuscle Tv’ which has a staggering 3 million+ subscribers! And the name ‘Flying Beast’ which is the name of his YouTube channel became his identity among his followers. He shares his vlogs, gym workouts, bodybuilding tips, daily life stories and his knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

Gaurav Taneja | Gaurav Taneja fitness

“At every point in time, I have always listened to my heart. If you want to make software and you are from a commerce background, they will refer to the same books in college, right? Just go ahead and self-train yourself.”- This is what Gaurav tells when he is asked about his journey of being an IITian to a Pilot to a Fitness influencer.

Gaurav Taneja fitness has inspired many youths to follow their passion for fitness. Today, he is one of the biggest fitness influencers in India spreading positivity and giving a ray of hope to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, Gaurav Taneja’s fitness made him a proud winner of the ‘The Great Visioners award 2020’ and he is also a TEDx speaker now. From building a brand to being the brand himself, the Gaurav Taneja fitness journey is an inspiration for many people.

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