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Getting back into the gym after a long break: Gym hacks

by qalfit

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic forced even the most dedicated gym-goers to stay indoors, we have all been waiting to get back into gym workouts. Now, as many countries around the world are easing their lockdowns, Gyms are more likely to be reopened soon. Although working out at home is all fun and safe, the thought of getting back into the gym workout mode after a long break is surely refreshing.

But before you step back in, remember it has been more than 4 months since you had a proper gym workout. You need to ease back into your workouts slowly. Here are five tips for getting back into the gym after a long break.

1. Never let your guard down

One thing you absolutely need to keep in mind when going back after a long break is that COVID-19 still exists and the possibility of becoming infected is very real. Although gyms are doing everything to keep their members safe, you must be smart and ensure your safety. Follow all the gym safety protocols along with the basic coronavirus safety protocols like washing your hands frequently, practising social distancing, and wearing a mask. 

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Person washing both hands below running tap
Wash your hands and maintain hygiene at all times

2. Start small when going to the gym after a long break

Let’s admit the truth, at-home workouts do not match gym workouts. You might be working out at home regularly during the lockdown. However, chances are your strength levels aren’t quite what they used to be. After getting back into the gym after a long break it may be tempting to return to the same routine you followed before quarantine, but there is a high risk of injury if you go down that path. Try to embrace a beginner’s mindset and start small in your workout routine. Get back to the basics and increase your intensity week by week. 

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Blonde woman at gym looking into mirror while holding dumbbells on dumbbell rack
Start with lighter weights

3. Prefer shorter workouts during your session

Getting back after a long break might hype you up and make you spend long hours at the gym. But you need to understand that most gyms are reopening with foot traffic restrictions and time slot restrictions to ensure strict safety protocols. So, while getting back into working out at the gym it would be better if you opt for shorter workouts. You can use compound exercises like bench press and, superset your opposing muscle groups like squats for lower body and pulldowns for the upper body. This saves time and makes the most of your workout.

African american man doing weight pull downs in gym
Upper Body Pull Down

4. Focus on gym specific workouts

Seeing all the equipment again after getting back into working out after long layoff may make you want to try all of them the moment you step inside the gym. To jumpstart your workouts, you need to focus on gym specific workouts that you could not do at home. For example, you can do cardio and mobility workouts at home. So, if you did enough cardio at home, it is time to utilize that leg press or squat rack. This is essential for getting back into the workout routine after a long break.

Brunette millennial woman doing shoulder press in gym
Upright shoulder press at the gym

5. Don’t forget your at-home workouts

Getting back doesn’t mean that you have to stop your at-home workouts. You can still follow your at-home routines and still go to the gym. There is no harm in combining the benefits of both gym workouts and at-home workouts. So, don’t give up on your at-home sessions and make the most of your workouts.

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Blue and black haired millennial woman doing push ups in dark room
Home workouts like push ups are still important

By following these tips for getting back after a long break, you can safely return to your gym when they reopen. But remember that your overall health is more important than your fitness goals. So, if you feel like it is unsafe to go to the gym right now, take your time and plan patiently and plan to get back into your routine safely and smartly.

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