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How to control hunger while dieting

by qalfit

All those “You must be hungry, eat something” and “Eat and be merry” voices you hear in your head while you’re dieting for weight loss is a clear sign of constant hunger. Whether you are facing a sudden overwhelming desire for chocolate or an extreme hunger that clouds your thinking ability, constant hunger can become a major distraction for your weight loss program. We really need to learn how to control hunger while dieting for appropriate weight loss.

The reason for constant hunger while dieting:

While hunger is certainly an inconvenient feeling, it is not necessarily a result of a bad diet plan for weight loss. The feeling of hunger is innate and basic as of the need to blink or yawn. One of the main reasons why you feel constantly hungry while dieting is that when you reduce your calorie intake for losing weight, you may not eat enough to sustain your biological needs, thus your body automatically tells you to eat more to get the energy to function properly. This is why its difficult to control hunger while dieting. 

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4 ways on how to control hunger while dieting :

So, if you’re trying to stick to your calorie goal while constant hunger is challenging you on the other end, here are a few ways to help you deal with it.

1. Never forget to hydrate

Most of the time when you feel you’re hungry when on a diet plan, it is highly likely that you’re mistaking thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated throughout the day can help you feel fuller and prevents the feeling of constant hunger. So, whatever diet plan you’re in, always keep a water bottle or calorie-free drinks within your reach and hydrate constantly.

2. Boost volume and fiber.

If you feel constantly hungry for even if you eat well then it is time for you to boost your volume and fiber. Eating high-volume and high-fiber foods throughout the day is a great way to calm your hunger tensions. Choosing leafy greens, starchy vegetables, whole grains, berries, and fiber-rich foods will help you feel full and avoid hunger cravings.

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3. Don’t miss out protein

Protein is one of the essential macronutrients that your body needs to function properly. It not only provides smooth functioning of your body but also makes you feel satisfied and keeps you full for a longer period. Including high-protein foods like eggs, cottage cheese and chicken daily in your diet can help you prevent constant hunger.

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4. Eat slow

Eating slower is a great strategy to satisfy your hunger as well as to avoid overeating. Chewing down your food and taking time to eat until you’re comfortably full will tell your brain that you’re satisfied with your meal and thus you will not feel hungry suddenly after. So, slow down your eating and be mindful of your eating practices to quiet your hunger bells for a longer time.

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While the road to weight loss is already difficult, constant hunger shouldn’t cause you any more trouble in losing weight and maintaining your fitness. So, next time you’re feeling constant hunger, try following these tips to ease off your hunger cravings. 

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