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How to lose weight by walking: 5 walking tips to make you lose weight sooner.

by qalfit

So have you recently started weight loss exercises and want to know how to lose weight by walking?

Walking is a great exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight. If you are not losing weight from your regular walking exercise, the chances are that either you are doing it wrong or you need to improve on your existing form. Either way, we have gathered these 5 walking tips that can make you lose weight sooner. 

1.) Check your walking pose

Check your walking pose |How to lose weight by walking? | Qalfit

Your walking pose affects the distance and time you cover walking. A good walking pose can effectively burn fat and makes you lose weight sooner. Taking shorter steps, swinging your arms and keeping your back straight are some of the dynamics that make it easier for you to walk as well as to lose weight sooner.

2.) Vary your intensity

Vary your intensity |How to lose weight by walking? | Qalfit

If you are not varying your speed and time while walking, you are missing out on a great opportunity to lose weight sooner. Increasing your intensity while walking can help you revive your metabolism, boost your heart rate and increases your calorie burn. Even 1-2 minutes of brisk walking in-between your walks make difference.

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3.) Strength training matters a lot

Strength training | How to lose weight by walking? | Qalfit

One thing you need to keep in mind is that strength training is also a part of your walking exercise. Strength training not only helps you build muscle and burn calories but it also helps you build your core and hip that gives you the strength to improve your walking. Even simple push-ups and bodyweight squats can make you lose weight sooner.

4.) Take different walking paths

Take different paths for walking | Qalfit

Your body adapts to your walking environment of you take the same route every day. This makes the walking route less challenging for your body which means you will only burn a few calories. You can switch your walking paths to a beach, or a hilly trail or even a new park engages your mind and refreshes your body to burn more calories.

5.) Set realistic goals

Set different goals | Qalfit

Eventually, walking will produce good results in your weight loss plan. But you need to set realistic goals considering your body type and intensity of your exercise. Failing to meet your goal may lead to disappointment and even worse it can make you quit your walking exercise. So, always set smaller realistic goals to lose weight sooner.

We know that you and need to shed that tummy fat and started walking for weight loss. Follow these 5 walking tips to lose weight sooner and get fit! 

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