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India’s Top fitness trends in 2020

by qalfit

We have heard too much of the phrase ‘Fitness is a lifestyle’, but only true Indians know that in a land known for its exquisite cuisine and culture, it is pretty hard to settle for a flat belly! But we have come a long way in terms of fitness- from morning walks to vegan diets, we are doing it all. Moreover, as much as we, love our biriyanis, we love to be fit too! Here are India’s top fitness trends in 2020. 


High-Intensity Interval Training is gaining popularity in India because it is efficient and can fit in any busy schedule. HIIT is any workout that switches between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of low-intensity activity. Even 15 minutes of HIIT can prove to be efficient in burning those extra fats.

2. Fitness wearables.

Fitness wearables are definitely on the list of India’s top fitness trends in 2020 because India is crazy about Fitness wearables! In fact, India has become one of the top markets for fitness wearables in 2020. From fitness bands that help to monitor our training to sleep trackers that improve our sleep quality, fitness wearables trend is growing in India. 

3. Online fitness classes.

While we are already familiar with home workouts, Online fitness classes had gained more popularity in the recent times. Online fitness classes are pocket friendly and are great for people who don’t have time for the gym. And the best thing about these online fitness classes is that they are taught by celebrity trainers and most of the training includes less equipment or no equipment, perfect for working out at home.

4. Vegan diet.

The vegan diet which is popular in western countries has surprisingly become one of India’s top fitness trends in 2020. A vegan diet involves only vegetables and foods made from plants and they strictly prohibit all animal foods including dairy products. As much as this is a tough lifestyle to follow, many people have adopted to veganism and the vegan population in India is increasing.

5. Group training.

Group training is a fun workout where you’ll be in a group of 3-4 members who compete against each other for the highest calorie burn count. This popular exercise from London is gaining traction in India as people love the fun and extra motivation it offers while you’re losing weight. Thus Group training also offers a great community to meet like-minded people.

While many fitness trends may come and go, the focus on fitness is constant. And while India is inclining more towards fitness these days, these are India’s top fitness trends in 2020. 

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