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Meet Yukta, a fitness influencer who inspires thousands!

by qalfit

From Shilpa Shetty to Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt, we love following and celebrating our favourite fitness influencers. Fitness influencers inspire and motivate millions of people worldwide through their aspirational social media content and enviable physiques. For anyone seeking motivation to get fit and healthy, these fitness influencers are a gift. From healthy living style to viral fitness challenges, fitness influencers are at the heart of the trend. However, it is not only these celebrity fitness influencers who are bringing a fitness revolution in India- meet Yukta Upadhyay, an Indore based model and fitness influencer with more than 3k Instagram followers and a huge love for fitness! 

We caught up with Yukta to chat about her love for fitness, her journey to becoming a successful fitness influencer, fitness tips, and much more. Take a look at this exclusive interview she gave to Qalfit.

What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

“Ever since childhood I was much inclined towards physical activity-Dancing, playing, and I went on to become a national level volley player. But after I went into the modelling industry, I went full-on into fitness. Since then, Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. The inspiration for fitness comes within me”. 

Did you face any particular challenges during this time which you think would be common to other people?

“My entire journey had challenges. I used to be very lean and weak with no real strength or proper form, and when I started playing volleyball, I gained muscles. After I went into the modelling industry, I realized that I have a completely different body goal. So, I started talking to people who could help me improve my fitness and fortunately the fitness community was very helpful. They helped me to get on track. This is the best thing about the fitness community, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, they’ll always help you out”. Yukta added, “It’s OK to be tired and weak at first, but don’t give up”.

What are the misconceptions that people have about fitness?

“There are many! Usually, when I talk to people around me, most of them think that they need to go to a gym to get fit and that they can only achieve a certain level of fitness by going to the gym. Ultimately, people think that the major goal of fitness is building heavy muscles or slimming their waist and they starve themselves for it!” 

Yukta added, “I always advise my friends and followers to start working out at home and never restrict themselves to foods that they usually eat. But cutting out junk foods constitutes a significant part of making a person fit!” 

How do you inspire people around you?

For someone who is inspiring thousands, Yukta as a fitness influencer is extremely grounded. She said, “I still consider myself a learner when it comes to fitness, but I really do my part to inspire my social media followers and people around me. I once conducted a challenge on my Instagram handle where my followers and I would keep tabs on each other to check whether we all were working out daily. Even my roommates and friends have changed to a much healthier eating habit after taking me as an inspiration”.

Who is your role model? Who inspired you to make fitness a lifestyle?

“I don’t have any particular role model or inspiration but currently I follow Yasmin Karachiwala and Chloe Ting on Instagram. They post lots of workout tips daily. It has really helped me stay motivated in this lockdown” 

Are you working out during this lockdown?

“I started exploring new forms of fitness like aerial yoga, Zumba, and dance fitness before this lockdown and honestly, it has been four months since I went to the gym. But, this lockdown did not stop me from continuing my fitness journey. I regularly do yoga and stretches at home. I even try dance fitness twice a week”

How has your overall journey been and how do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

“It has been an amazing journey so far. My only goal is to make my body and mind feel happy, and that’s what I aim to do in the upcoming years too”

Do you have any advice for people who have just started their fitness journey?

“Don’t limit your goals to stunning abs or actresses like body shape. These are secondary goals. Your main goal should be to have a happy body and a calm mind, but more importantly, you need a happy workout!”

From being a lean physique to a muscular volleyball player to becoming a successful model and a fitness influencer, Yukta’s fitness journey teaches us to believe in ourselves and utilize whatever we have to accomplish the biggest dream we can think of! 

You can follow Yukta on her Instagram page @yukta.upadhyay to catch more of her awesome fitness journey. 

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