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How can social media help you lose weight?

by qalfit

Social media isn’t just about following the life of your ‘special’ friend anymore. A quick scroll through your news feed on Facebook, posts on Instagram, Pinterest, tweets on twitter, snaps on Snapchat or comments on Reddit, you could spot at least one gym selfie, a post about successful body transformation, numerous #fitfam tweets and a lot of positive vibes to fuel your weight loss journey. Let’s understand the strategies behind social media and weight loss.

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But, how do social media and weight loss get together?

Although numerous social media platforms are unique with different features, the purpose is the same, to connect with people who share the same interests as you. The support and influence you get from this group of people who share similar interests have a huge impact on your lifestyle and helps you get better. 

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According to a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of technology and Qatar computing research institute, people who expressed positive sentiments about their weight loss efforts on twitter were the ones who actually reached their diet goals. Another study by a group of researchers showed that people who posted about their fitness progress regularly in their social media accounts were more likely to be successful in reaching their fitness goals.

The success or failure of your weight loss program has more to do with your lifestyle and with a whole lot of social media platforms to influence your lifestyle, you can make use of social media to lose weight.

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Social media strategies to lose weight:

Social media works both ways, it can push you to reach your goals or it can make you do the exact opposite. Here’s how you can make use of social media to fuel your weight loss journey.

1. Follow people who share similar fitness interests

Following individuals with the same weight loss goals as yours can motivate you to move further towards your goal. It has a psychological effect that when you see their posts on social media, you also tend to follow those routines or programs to lose weight. But this works only if the person has the same lifestyle and goals as yours. So, if you’re a 30 years old mom who works out at home, comparing yourself with a teen fitness enthusiastic will only hurt your progress.

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2. Choose a medium

Whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, or any social media, not everything is going to work out for you. Some people like pictures and would choose Instagram while others would like a text-focused platform like twitter. So, try a couple of platforms and find out what works for you. It will help you find the right rhythm and gets you moving.

3. Maintain a healthy posting frequency

Posting about your weight loss journey on social media regularly is a great way to get motivation from others. It also serves as your weight loss journal that documents your progress. But posting too much about your weight loss can lead to an unhealthy obsession with achieving your goals. So, maintain a healthy posting frequency that is just enough to motivate you.

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4. Ignore negativity

One thing you have to know and understand before you start posting on social media is that there are always going to be negativity and trolls. If you like a reaction of your friend or follower, take it positively and if some people are trying to pull you down, ignore them. You just need to focus on your goals and move forward. 

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Using social media as a tool for weight loss can surely land you a supportive network of friends, family, and followers who bring positive vibes to your weight loss journey. So, if you’re struggling to reach your weight loss goals, consider using social media to lose weight.

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