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Stretch marks after weight loss: How do you tackle them?

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Weight loss is an amazing journey. Deciding to lose weight and rounding up all your will power for the process is not an easy task. After putting in the work, there is a chance you may develop stretch marks after weight loss. Weight loss leads you to a healthier lifestyle and has a lot of benefits that we can talk about all day long. But that may not be enough to prevent the eventual stretch marks that can develop.

Receiving stretch marks after weight loss can be frustrating, as it is something we do not desire. Whether they are stretch marks on thighs or just stretch marks on back, stretch marks are certainly not pleasant to the eye. Although we don’t suffer any medical harm from stretch marks, we still don’t want them. Here are a few ways to avoid stretch marks after weight loss.

Why do we get stretch marks?

Stretch marks are commonly caused due to significant, rapid weight gain. Our skin has only a certain level of stretchability and elasticity. There is a protein called collagen in our skin that keeps our skin healthy. When you gain weight at a fast phase, your skin stretches or pulls apart quickly and is forced to overstretch to match your growing body. This then disrupts the collagen production in your skin and causes stretch marks. These stretch marks will look like discolored streaks and overtime, they take on a scar-like appearance. So one may ask the question: do stretch marks go away if you lose weight? Not exactly. Stretch marks after weight loss only go away by adopting several measures, which we will break down in this article.

How to deal with stretch marks after weight loss?

1. Drink lots of water.

One of the first steps to deal with getting stretch marks while losing weight is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to deal with stretch marks after weight loss. This is because drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and soft. And soft skin doesn’t develop as many stretch marks as dry skin does. But drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee increases your risk of developing stretch marks. So, make sure you stay hydrated all the time.

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A glass of water on a wooden table
Frequent hydration is key to getting rid of wooden table

2. Eat a nutrient-rich diet.

You can easily get rid of stretch marks after weight loss if you include a sufficient amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc-rich foods in your diet. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the development of collagen that keeps your skin healthy. Thus, maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D can reduce your risk of stretch marks. Zinc plays an important role in healing your skin. Thus, a nutrient-rich diet can help you resolve this problem.

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Oranges, an important vitamin C source
Oranges, a prime source of Vitamin C

3. Moisturize your skin regularly to prevent stretch marks after weight loss

Our skin needs moisture to remain hydrated and healthy. But our skin can’t always remain moisturized by itself. This increases the risk of developing stretch marks. Moisturizing your skin regularly with creams or oils can reduce cracking and flaking in the skin. This gets rid of stretch marks and further makes it difficult for new ones to form.

Moisturizing hands for stretch marks with cream
Moisturize your skin regularly

4. Workout and stretch to prevent stretch marks after weight loss

Just because you have lost weight and reached your weight loss goal, it doesn’t mean that you can just stop working out. Consistent and regular workouts can also reduce your stretch marks. Even simple stretching and workout for 15 minutes a day can improve blood circulation and skin elasticity. 

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Silhouette of woman running with sunset in background
Harness the power of consistent and regular workouts

5. Consult your dermatologist for persistent stretch marks

If you can’t get rid of your stretch marks after weight loss, you can make an appointment with your dermatologist and discuss your options to get rid of it. Your dermatologist can help determine the cause of stretch marks and may be able to suggest treatment options that work best.

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Woman in white dress sitting on bed getting assistance from woman in blue scrubs
A dermatologist is always a handy last resort

Stretch marks can be a frustrating by-product of losing weight. Stretch marks are just frustrating, whether they are stretch marks on thighs or stretch marks on back. If you are worried about your stretch marks after weight loss, these tips can help you get rid of it. 

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