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Top 10 foods to burn fat faster- Your food guide for weight loss!

by qalfit

Health experts say that your body shape mostly depends on what you eat and your food habits and your weight loss program is the extra effort you put to burn fat. So, whatever your fitness regimen may be, it is not complete without a proper food plan to burn belly fat. Here are the top 10 foods to burn fat faster.

1. Negative calorie foods

Top 10 foods to burn fat| Qalfit

Negative calorie foods are those foods that take more calories to eat, digest and process that food than it naturally contains and gives to your body. Grapes, Watermelon, lettuce, chillies are some of the negative calorie foods to burn fat faster.

2. Coffee

Coffee | Qalfit

Yes! Everyone’s favourite coffee is on this list because the caffeine in coffee is one of the few substances known to help mobilize fat from your fat tissues and increase metabolism.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil | Qalfit

Coconut oil is a miracle fat that makes you skinny. The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil are burned as energy instead of being stored as fat. 

4. Eggs

Top 10 foods to burn fat | Qalfit

Many of you don’t know the fact that egg is one of the top 10 foods to burn fat faster. Not only eggs contain plenty of protein, but they also have fewer calories that help your body burn excess fat. 

5. oatmeal

Top 10 foods to burn fat| Qalfit

A study shows that people who ate 3 or more daily servings of oats had 10% less belly fat than others. This is due to the high fibre content in oats which keeps you satiated longer.

6. Sweet potato

Sweet potato | Qalfit

Sweet potato is a slow carb food that keeps your stomach full and energized for a long time. All the good things present in sweet potato helps your body to convert calories to energy rather than stored as fat.

7. Wild Salmon

Top 10 Foods to burn fat | Qalfit

Wild salmon is one of the proper proven foods to burn fat faster because it contains more protein. Proteins present in wild salmon build muscles while burning fat.

8. Spinach

Top 10 foods to burn fat | Qalfit

Spinach is considered one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can as reduce your appetite and encourage your body to burn more fat. 

9. Avocado

Avocados | Qalfit

The Vitamin B6 present in avocados are the best-known compounds to fight cortisol- belly fat building hormone. Also, the good fats in avocado help release bad fat from the body.

10. Dark chocolate

Top 10 foods to burn fat | Qalfit

The antioxidants present in dark chocolate helps boost the production of fatty acid in the stomach that encourages the body to burn fat as fuel. Only dark chocolates with more than 70% cacao content do this to your body, not the regular ones.

These foods alone won’t give you your dream body, follow our list of top foods to burn fat faster and stick to your fitness program to get better results. Read our article on how to lose weight by walking for reducing your belly fat.

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