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Top 5 Running Shoes

by qalfit

Planning to run but confused about what shoes to go for? Hers is a list that you need to help yourself get out of the fix. Let us look at the top 5 running shoes of 2018.

  1. Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Downshifter 7 is known for how lightweight and comfortable it is. Definitely every runner’s favourite! The material of the outsole is entirely rubber which gives the shoe unbeatable flexibility and durability. Owing to its Flex design, the shoe supports an efficient range of motion while running. The lateral outsole of the shoe is Rubber crash rail which gives it strength and makes it ideal for running across different trails. Nike Downshifter 7 is a great shoe meant for everyday running. The shoe is priced at Rs 3,690.

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  1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 23

ASICS Gel-Kayano 23

ASICS is the most recommended brand when it comes to running.  Coming from such a great legacy Gel-Kayano 23. The most unique part of this shoe is that it is tailor made for runners who tend to over pronate (rolling feet inwards) while running. The shoes provide great cushioning making morning runs comfortable. The material is Mesh which makes the shoe light weight.   The shoe is also extremely flexible. Priced at Rs 13, 499, Gel-Kayano 23 is available in stylish colour combinations.

  1. Skechers GO Run Vortex:

Skechers GO Run Vortex

Skechers is a very popular brand among prominent runners worldwide. Go Run Vortex exemplifies the quality that Skechers is known for. Priced at Rs 8,499, the shoe comes is Synthetic material which makes it suitable for almost any sort of terrain and trails.  Go Run Vortex are one of the bestselling running shoes in India. The shoe comes with in a thin material tongue-position keeper straps which make them durable and lightweight. If you are looking for something durable, long lasting and light, Go Run Vortex is a strongly recommended running shoe.

  1. Nike Epic React Flyknit:

Nike Epic React Flyknit

Nike is every runner’s go to brand simply because of the great comfort and quality of running shoes they offer. Epic React Flyknit is just an extension to the brand’s promise. These shoes are definitely every runner’s top pick for everyday running owing to the great comfort fit. Epic React Flyknit has also proved to be very long lasting. However, it is suggested that this shoe is used on smooth trails and not extremely uneven terrains. Priced at Rs 3, 299, this shoe comes in a variety of stylish colours.

  1. Adidas Adispree (Adidas Galactus):

Adidas Adispree (Adidas Galactus

Adispree comes in Synthetic and hard rubber at the outsole which makes this strong, durable and long lasting. The shoe also is designed using a specific kind of technology which allows ventilation for your feet. The instep of the shoe is especially given a great layer of cushioning which adds comfort. Priced at Rs 3, 699, Adispree is available in six different colours for you to choose from.




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