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Top 5 Marathons in Bangalore to look for in 2020

by qalfit

Bangalore is known for a long and rich heritage reflective of the intense love for sports and running. This is precisely why Marathons form an integral part of the city’s culture. Here are top 5 marathons hosted in Bangalore every year:

1. TCS 10K Bangalore:

TCS 10K marathon | Marathons in bangalore | Qalfit

TCS 10K is an annual marathon that takes place in Bangalore. Started in 2008, TCS 10K is a 10 Km running competition. Mike Powell, Marie Jose Perec, Carl Lewis, Maria Mutola, Linford Christie are few of the big names in sports who have been the event ambassadors of the TCS World 10K, which is one of Bengaluru’s most eagerly awaited events. South superstar Puneeth Rajkumar is the face of the event. There are several categories that TCS 10K offers. These categories are as follows:

  • World 10K (10 km)
  • Open 10K (10 km)
  • Majja Run (6 km)
  • Senior citizen’s Run (4 km)
  • Champions with Disability (4 km)

2. Urban Stampede Bangalore:

Urban Stampede Bangalore | Marathons in bangalore | Qalfit

Urban Stampede is a Marathons event in Bangalore. What makes this unique is the fact that Urban Stampede is India’s first corporate relay race. Being over 11 years old, the Marathon has two classifications, 5K and 10K. The event is intended to provide a platform to new runners and for people who plan to kick start their fitness journey in a fun way. Urban Stampede aims to make the Corporate community across the city fit.

3. HSR 10K Freedom Run:

HSR 10K freedom run | Qalfit

HSR 10K Freedom Run is a charity based Marathons in Bangalore, organized by Kaagaz Foundation, an NGO. The objectives of the HSR 10K Freedom run include increasing awareness and campaign for a greener and safer Bangalore. The Marathon always ends by pulling in the relevant authorities, administration and organizations in taking a step in order to carry out relevant actions like planting saplings, cleaning plastic bags etc. The race classifications include 5K and 10K.

4. Kaveri Trail Marathon:

Kaveri Trail Marathon | Marathons in bangalore | Qalfit

Kaveri Trail is one of the most sought after Marathons that take place in the Southern part of India. Started in 2007, Kaveri Trail is India’s first ever trail marathon. Being an Ultra Marathon, the race offers four classifications, 5K, 10K, 21.1K and 42.2K. The Kaveri Trail Marathon as one of the scenic trails runs alongside the calm and pristine River Kaveri. Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary in Srirangapatna, Karnataka is the venue for the Kaveri Trail Marathon. One can choose to run the marathon, half marathon, 10K or the newly launched 5K run.

5. Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit, Bangalore:

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit | Qalfit

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is the most adventurous marathon event that is hosted in Bangalore. Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is the biggest obstacle run in India. The 5K run race is full of obstacles like hurdles, long jumps, rock climbing etc. Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is all about pushing your limits and reaching levels of an extraordinaire that you’ve been hiding all this while. Play human foosball, dance with strangers, get insane pictures clicked and leave with an ever-lasting experience!

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