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Top Marathons in India in 2020

by qalfit

Marathons in India are still at a rather budding stage. However, the niche that it has formed for itself is intense in its own way. In order to cater to this and to contribute to this sleeping giant, there are many marathon events that take place in India. Here are top 5 marathons in 2020 that are conducted annually in India:

1. Ladakh Marathon:

Ladakh Marathon | Marathons in india | Qalfit

Ladakh has made it to every travel junkie’s to do list, and if you happen to be a sprinter by any chance, you are in for a treat. The trail won’t be a simple one, but indeed is a beautiful run going through the cool deserts and culturally rich towns. There are four classes – 7K, half, full, and a definitive Khardung La test of 72 km. Running short of breath to developing perspectives, this marathon offers everything.

2. Pinkathon:

Pinkathon | Marathons in india | Qalfit

As Milind Soman puts it, “Pinkathon isn’t only a marathon, it is the seed of progress. It signifies an initiative towards developing fitness in India. Pinkathon functions based network of fit ladies all over India, who share a conviction that a sound family, a solid country and a solid world starts with fitness and health. Pinkathon is a ladies’ only marathon that for the most part accounts for its popularity. Pinkathon takes place across different parts of India cities like Guwahati, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Race classifications offered are 10k and 5k.

3. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon:

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon | Marathons in india | Qalfit

Regardless of whether you run or not, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is one marathon that is a whole new experience altogether. Your engagements could either be running or assisting the street sprinters with water and other vital supplies. The best part of the marathon is that is takes place on the Bandra Worli Sealink which is a great experience in itself. Running against the amazing Mumbai horizon is reason enough for one to participate. Race classifications offered are full, half, 10k and 6k.

4. Run the Rann:

Run the Rann | Marathons in india | Qalfit

The longest race in India, it is set over the harsh and intense White Desert, Rann of Kutch. From the territory to the climate, nothing about it can be underestimated. The race begins in Dholavira which was at one time a centre for Indus Valley Civilization. This is an Ultra Marathon that requires to be finished in 3 days, where the sprinters will run past the old remnants of Dholavira and trail the massive white desert. Run the Rann offers two Ultra classes 161 km, 101 km and one 51 km.

5. Kaveri Trail Marathon:

Kaveri Trail Marathon | Qalfit

Moving to the South, you have the Kaveri Trail Marathon ranging 10 km, half marathon or full marathon to choose from. The bliss of running past the beautiful and majestic Kaveri truly teaches one the importance of self-sustenance and discipline.  The sloppy paddy fields Srirangapatna become your running trail. There’s a rustic vibe to the marathon. The Marathon is not hard core running per se but is more about getting one with the nature and celebrating fitness.

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