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What not to eat before a workout?

by qalfit

Stacking up the energy you need for your body is essential for every workout. But it doesn’t mean you can eat anything and everything your heart desires before a workout. These foods may do more harm to your workout than the energy it provides. To help you choose better foods to eat before your workout and to answer your biggest question of what not to eat before a workout, we rounded up 5 foods you must never eat before a workout.

1. Spicy foods.

What Not To Eat Before A Workout | Fitness | Qalfit

Spicy food tops the list of ‘foods you must never eat before a workout’ because you shouldn’t! Eating Spicy foods is one of the worst decisions you can take before hitting your gym. Spicy foods may feel good on your taste buds but once you start working out, it will definitely result in acid reflux followed by indigestion and heartburn.   

2. Fizzy drinks.


Drinking fizzy drinks like sodas and cool drinks before your workout does nothing for the body rather than giving you a short rush of energy followed by a sugar crash. Fizzy drinks make you feel bloated, cause stomach cramps and nausea if you consume it pre-workout. Also, energy drinks are off the table as they belong to this category.

3. Fibrous foods.

What Not To Eat Before A Workout | Fitness | Qalfit

Fibrous foods are very healthy for your body and they keep your stomach full, but are they suitable for eating before your workout? Absolutely No. Fiber-filled foods take time to digest and filling your stomach with these before a workout can result in bloating nausea, gas and stomach cramps. 

4. Dairy products.


Sorry, no cheese pre-workout. In fact, all dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, etc are off the table. The reason being the high-fat content in these dairy products will increase your stomach’s acid content during your workout. Also, dairy products are one of the hard-to-digest foods you can offer to your stomach.

5. Nuts.

What Not To Eat Before A Workout | Fitness | Qalfit

Most people think nuts are pre-workout foods. Nuts are a great source of energy for your body but eating it before your workout is not really a good idea. Fuelling your body with lots of nuts before workout causes stomach cramps because they need time to be digested. So, while eating nuts before a workout may seem like a good idea for quick energy, filling yourself with lots of nuts just does the opposite. So, next time when you’re wondering what not to eat before a workout, remember to stick with foods would you eat before running like eating simple carbohydrates which will be easily digested like apple or banana or even a few raisins would give you the energy for your workout.

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