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WHAT to eat before running- A quick guide

by Team Qalfit

Whatever your exercise may be, doing it on an empty stomach isn’t the best idea, especially when it comes to running. Your body uses up a lot of carbohydrates stored in your muscles as its main fuel when you run and you are only able to store a small amount of carbohydrate in your muscles. So, whether you are an ultra-marathoner or a neighbourhood jogger, it is important that you fuel your body to make the most out of your run. But it is also important to fuel it up the right way. Eating the wrong type of food before running can cause stomach cramps, dizziness, nausea and headaches. Still not sure of what foods to eat before running? Don’t worry. We have got your back. Our list of best foods to eat before running will give you the best choices of fuel for your body before running.

What to eat 2 Hours Before Running

What to eat 2 hours before running | What to eat before running | Qalfit

The diet must include 300-400 calories of carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

OatmealFruits and nutsYogurtGranola

We must avoid high-fibre and high-fat foods that are difficult to digest.

Junk foodIce creamOnionBeansBroccoli

What to eat 1 Hour Before Running

What to eat 1 hour before running | What to eat before running | Qalfit

The diet must include 150 calories of easily digestible carbs and proteins.

Protein barsCarrotBread toast.

We must avoid Heavy foods and large meals.

Spicy foods.Melons and apples.

What to eat 15 Minutes Before Running

What to eat 15 minutes before running | What to eat before running | Qalfit

The diet should inlcude small amount of easily digestible carbs

RaisinsHalf bananaDatesSugar water

We must avoid a large amount of food with a large amount of proteins, carbs, fat, and fiber.

Fried foodsProtein barsPastaCheese

Also, remember to hydrate your body. Drinking sufficient water is as important as the food you eat before running. So, whether you are fulfilling your new year resolution to lose weight or preparing for a marathon-buckle-up your shoes, stick to our chart of the best food to eat before running and make every mile count!

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