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5 precautions you should take before fine dining at your favourite restaurant again

by qalfit

Do you remember the last time you dined at your favourite restaurant? Do you miss the good old days where you would eat out with your friends and family? Well, you are not alone. This pandemic lockdown has made a lot of us miss the fine dining experience at our favourite restaurant. With the ‘unlock 1.0’ announced by the government, the lockdown restrictions are starting to slowly ease, and guess what? From June 8, most of the restaurants across the country will be open for dining. This means you can catch up with your friends at your favourite restaurant eating your favourite snack! 

While we can dine out and enjoy ourselves a bit more after months of lockdown, we just need to keep in mind that contracting the coronavirus is still a very serious threat. So, here are a few precautions you should take before fine dining at your favourite restaurant again.

1. Wash your hands before eating

You may have heard this advice a million times from your parents and teachers at school. This is especially crucial now. Let’s face it, from the time you leave your home till you reach the restaurant and eat your food, you may have come in contact with thousands of germs. You don’t want to touch your food or face with dirty hands. By washing your hands before eating your food, you can save your health.

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2. Make some extra space

We understand the excitement of going out to restaurants and socializing with others after more than 2 months of being at home. But you don’t want to get too close to others. Because Closed spaces allow germs to spread easily and you do not want that. While some restaurants may administer social distancing, it is unlikely that all the restaurants would do the same. So, making some extra space between you and your dining buddies would ensure a safe fine dining experience.

3. Limit your time at the restaurant.

We usually don’t keep track of time while dining out with our friends. We just want to sit there for hours, munching snacks, and sipping beverages. While we all love a leisure dining experience with our friends, we need to remember that coronavirus is still at large and can strike anytime. So, try limiting your time at the restaurant and be safe.

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4. Avoid taking Kids to restaurants

While this may seem like a bit of pretty harsh advice, keeping the infants and young children at home is the best for them. Kids, especially toddlers have the urge to play with random objects or put things in their mouths. If you take them with you to a restaurant, it can be really challenging to make them stop doing these things. This puts the kids at a huge risk of catching coronavirus. So, for now, it is best if the kids stay at home.

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5. Avoid eating out if you feel sick

This is one of the most important precautions you should take before fine dining at your favourite restaurant. If you feel sick or even think that you have a cold, it is best to cancel your restaurant plan and make an appointment with your doctor. You don’t want to put others at risk. You need to take rest till you get better. Remember, if you really want to enjoy restaurant food or spending time with your friends, you can always order food online and connect with your friends virtually. 

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Going to restaurants might be our first taste of travel after post coronavirus lockdown, but it doesn’t mean that we should let our guards down. So, make sure you take these 5 precautions before fine dining at your favourite restaurant again.

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