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5 tips to do outdoor workouts safely right now

by qalfit

Let’s be honest. You’ve had your fun working out at home with your creative at-home workouts. But deep down you always missed the burst of fresh air, sunshine, and thrill of outdoor workouts. Now, as some cities begin to reopen parks and allow outdoor exercise, you might be all excited to workout outside. Here are a few tips to do outdoor workouts safely right now.

1. Maintain safe distance

Much like you’ve been advised to do outdoors, maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and the nearest person. Even if others don’t respect the social distance you’re trying to create, you need to be extra careful. If you find yourself in a workout spot with packed people, find a new spot, and remember that maintaining a safe distance is important all the time!

2. Disinfect your gear

Your workout gears might be carrying more germs than you think. So, even if you are not coming in contact with other people or touching anything outside, regularly disinfect your gears. Always carry a sanitizer and use it on your shoes, gloves, helmets, glasses, and bags. This safeguards you and your family safe when you return home after your outdoor workouts.

3. Create your own space

Health experts recommend working out at home because home is a safe place that you always keep clean. So, while working out outdoors, if you can create your own space and keep it clean, you are adding another layer of protection from catching any infection. You can bring a yoga mat and create your own workout space. This way you can maintain a better and cleaner space overall.

4. Keep your workout groups small

Working out with your friends or workout buddies is fine as long as the workout group is small and you keep social distancing in mind. Working out in large groups increases the risk of catching an infection, especially if you’re doing an activity where you’re getting sweaty or breathing heavily.

5. Wear a mask

Whether you’re working out at your home or outdoors, one of the biggest questions is whether you need to wear a face mask. We know that wearing a mask during a workout can be uncomfortable especially during intense exercise, but if you want to workout safely outdoors, wear a mask all the time!

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Everyone wants to go outside and exercise, but it is important that you do it safely. So, use these tips to do outdoor workouts safely and enjoy the outdoors during these trying times.

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