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5 tips to make your grocery shopping safer

by qalfit

We are all being advised to stay at home to help flatten the curve. However, there are some trips to the outside world that we cannot avoid, like grocery shopping. Going to the grocery store is both essential and inevitable. Especially now, with relaxed restrictions, more and more people visit the grocery store. This means you have to be extra careful now more than ever. Here are a few tips to make your grocery shopping safer.

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1. Plan ahead with a Shopping list 

The less time you spend outside, the lesser your chance of catching the infection is. Try to minimize your time at the grocery shopping store as much as possible by avoiding aimless wandering through the aisles. In such cases, planning ahead with a shopping list can help you shorten the lengths of your shopping trips. Not to mention, a shopping list can also save you from unnecessary buying of products.

2. Disinfect your shopping cart

According to a study done by reusethisbag website, the carts and bags at the grocery shopping store have 361 times more bacteria than a bathroom knob. So, before touching the shopping cart, disinfect the handlebar and child seat with a sanitizer. Also, remember to keep a safe distance of 2 grocery carts between you and others.

3. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) 

Health experts claim that coronavirus can live on plastic surfaces for up to 3 days. This means those single-use plastic bags they give you at the grocery store can infect you with coronavirus. This is why you need to consider bringing your own bag to the grocery store. So, try to bring reusable bags made of cloth to the grocery store and remember to immediately wash these bags every time you get back from the store.

4. Shop the outside of the store last

Ever wondered why the fresh produce is laid out front and staples like milk, eggs, and bread are in the back in your grocery shopping store? It’s a marketing strategy designed to make you stay longer, roam the whole store, and buy more. In the middle of a pandemic, this is exactly what you want to avoid. So, shop in the centre of the store first and grab your perishables last. 

5. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean loading your shopping cart with 1 month’s supply of things. This only causes unnecessary demands and shortages. So, try to buy one or two weeks of groceries at a time. This will help you reduce the number of trips you’re making to the grocery store. Also, when buying fruits and vegetables in bulk, be aware that they will go to waste if you don’t store them in a refrigerator. 

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Grocery shopping is necessary. But in times like these, rushing through the aisles with a loaded cart and dodging other shoppers can be pretty uncomfortable. So, try to keep these tips in mind and make your grocery shopping safer. 

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