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Delhi election 2020: Can Kejriwal do something about the collective death sentence on Delhi?

by qalfit

“A death sentence on Delhi?!” “The nation’s capital under attack?!!”- If you’re shocked enough to see the twitter trends about Delhi, save yourself the hassle. We are talking about Delhi air pollution, which we are facing for a few years and stand of Kejriwal on Delhi pollution.

Delhi air pollution | Qalfit

Currently, everyone in Delhi is smoking 50 cigarettes a day, not in the form of actual cigarettes, but just by breathing Delhi’s air. With Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) going down every day, it has become impossible to breathe clean air in Delhi. And this is not an occasional affair, the air pollution issue in Delhi has been there for quite a few years with 2019 seeing the worst phase of Delhi’s air pollution.

The recent Delhi election 2020 result showcased kejriwal’s party winning by a huge margin against the central ruling party. But, will be Kejriwal’s stand on Delhi’s air pollution issue?  

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While Arvind Kejriwal’s government did put some efforts in the past to curb the air pollution level, Delhi’s air quality is still declining day by day.  Few measures taken by Kejriwal’s government include, 

  • Odd-even scheme for vehicles. 
  • Pollution masks
  • Community Diwali laser show 
  • Tree challenge 
  • Dust Control and
  • Hotspot control.
Delhi air pollution | Qalfit

But these methods have only given negligible results considering the scale of air pollution in Delhi. 

As Kejriwal is re-elected as Delhi’s CM yet again, the people of Delhi are expecting at least a statement or a tweet from Kejriwal on his stand on Delhi’s air pollution. While he promised a few things to improve the air pollution situation in his election campaigns, we still don’t know if he has further huge plans for correcting this situation. 

But, why wait for politicians to change while you can be the change? Moreover, not only the politicians of India but also the people of Delhi have learned to live with a mask on the face- the pollution mask.

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