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How to adapt well to your new work from home lifestyle?

by qalfit

The new work from home lifestyle that most of us got during these high times can be quite a change from our normal ‘working in an office’ routine. While shifting from a robotic schedule to the freedom and flexibility of working from home may be a welcoming change for many, we cannot ignore the distractions in the form of your lovable pets preferring your lap for a nap, sudden food cravings, messy pile of clothes in your room and the most serious distraction of them all- ‘The toddler mayhem’, if you’re a parent!

It is easy to find yourself scattered and unproductive while working from home. But rather than submitting yourself to these distractions, you can adapt well to your new work from home lifestyle by following these expert tips.

Suiting up is not necessary:

Suiting up to start your office work for the day in your home may put yourself in the right mood, but it may also make you uncomfortable while you work from home and affects your productivity. Because, in your office, you may be entitled to your cabin in a chair and a neat formal costume would do the part. But at home, you have the freedom to sit and lean wherever you can work. So, there is no reason to do it unless you want to. Wear what’s comfortable for you.

Use different spaces:

Sitting with your head at the pillow all day while you work from home will not only make you unproductive but also takes away the whole fun! You can mark different locations in your home for different office works. For instance, make your sofa as your working space, dining table as your meeting space, work on your proposals at the coffee table and so on. You don’t need a big house to achieve this, even marking your space at four corners of a room will do the trick.

Consider Time blocking:

Time blocking is a process to make your day productive. You can divide your day into specific time frames, each denoting a single specific task. To do this, you need to split your big tasks like completing a presentation into smaller tasks, then decide how much time you want to spend on this block of the task and when do you want to start the task. So, when the time comes for a particular task, switch off all your distractions and work on it. 

Take it easy:

There will be times where you’ll be overwhelmed by your office works and personal works at home. You don’t need to give up that easily when it comes to this situation. Just take a deep breath and try to find the source of this- what made you feel overwhelming. In most cases, it will just be simple things like a messy room or minor deadlines. If it’s something you find distracting in your home, try to solve it and if it’s about office work, identify and work on what’s important and reschedule the other works for another time.

It’s actually okay!

This is the most important part you need to remember when you’re working from home. If you think you’re not handling the whole work from home situation well and others are having it perfectly sorted, that’s a hoax your mind made up! It’s actually ok to be deviating a little off from perfect when you’re working from home. Just focus on your productivity and quality of work and everything else will come together.

Not everyone can handle the new work from home lifestyle perfectly well, but the important thing is that you are putting in the effort and time to be productive while taking care of your physical and mental health. So, try to follow these expert tips to adapt well to your new work from home lifestyle and make the most of it!

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