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How to maintain your social life while stuck at home?

by qalfit

To help prevent the spread of the virus and to flatten the curve, public health officials and scientists are recommending we stay away from a large group of people. For many people, this coronavirus quarantine period has turned out to be a much-need break from their regular life. But on the flip side, postponed weddings, cancelled birthday parties, and rescheduled get-togethers with our loved ones have really made us pretty upset. This new self-isolation is making people feel lonely, frustrated, and disconnected from the world and their social life. 

 But, being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you have to put your social life on hold. There are a lot of ways to maintain your social life while practising self-isolation. Here are a few ways you could use to maintain your social life while stuck at home. 

1. Have virtual reunions

Remember the friends whom you’ve told that you would stay in touch with? Well, now is the time! Even before the coronavirus lockdown, a lot of us were too lazy or busy to stay in touch with our friends. But with the lockdown in place and a lot of time on our hands now, we can use this time to have virtual reunions with our old friends. This will bring much-needed joy into our lives this quarantine period. 

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2. Host a house party!

A party? Now? Yes! You can now host virtual game nights and fun parties while stuck at home. The Houseparty app is basically made for the era of social distancing. It is created with a focus on ‘Shared experience’. You can hang out virtually with your friends where you can chat one-to-one, have a group chat, and even play games and quizzes with one another. Basically, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to have a party anytime anywhere! 

3. Take up an activity together

At this time, it is tremendously important to keep yourself engaged and in touch with others. Anything and everything that keeps you engaged is good! You can take online dance classes, live online fitness classes, cooking classes or can even play online games with your friends like PUBG and Ludo. So, take up an activity together with your friends or family and keep a healthy social life.

 4. Celebrate everything!

Being stuck at home on important days like birthdays and anniversaries is one of the worst feelings that you could endure. But, sitting at home and feeling sad would only make it worse. This is why you need to celebrate everything with your family and friends. Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary or your pet’s birthday, invite people to video call and celebrate it! 

 5. Stay connected.

Honestly, no pandemic or social-isolation is going to suddenly change people to constantly engage socially. But during times like these, it is important not to feel lonely and disconnected. So, even when you’re not actively chatting with your friends or family on a video call, keep the screen on. This gives you a feeling that someone you love is always connected with you. 

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The past few months have been a challenge for most people across the world. From once having a thriving social life to being stuck at home, sudden social isolation has hit us hard. So, keep these things in mind to maintain our social life while stuck at home.  

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