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How to practice self-compassion in these difficult days?

by qalfit

Most of us are experiencing a collective trauma right now and we need self-compassion now more than ever. Experts say that the key to building a fulfilling life is self-compassion. Without self-compassion, it is hard to find the motivation for anything. While we are used to bashing ourselves with self-criticism, we rarely show ourselves kindness. Especially in difficult times like this, kindness and self-compassion are so hugely important. 

What is self-compassion?

Self-compassion is a trait that gives us greater confidence and a better sense of self-worth. Simply putting, self-compassion is how you treat yourself the way you treat someone else who is suffering. This little kindness and compassion can help you overcome your struggles and achieve your goals.

5 ways to get started on this journey:

Self-compassion is a trait that must arise within you. However, here are a few ways to practice self-compassion in these difficult times. 

1. Practice self-acceptance

Now, more than ever, you can feel that your world is upside down. You need to embrace this situation and accept that things are changing and you are doing your best to win over this situation. Go ahead and bake yourself a cake, binge watch Netflix, read a book, talk to your friends, and truly allow yourself to indulge without any judgement. 

2. Stay away from social media and news channels

Since the current world situation hasn’t yet returned back to normalcy, overexposure to social media and news channels can increase your cortisol levels (stress hormone). So, try limiting your Facebook and Twitter usage to 1 hour per day and spend time doing something that you love. You can also replace your ‘Facebook time’ with exercise to lower your cortisol levels.

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3. Interact with nature

Spending time with nature is one of the best ways to practice self-compassion. But owing to the current situation, you may not be able to go outside right now. But you can actually spend time with nature in your home. You can look at photos of natural scenery, listen to rain sounds, thunder sounds, and ocean sounds to quickly calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

4. Spend time doing nothing 

We may have rushed all day with packed schedules and meetings but since social distancing and home quarantine took over, we may find ourselves with a lot of extra time in our hands. As a way to coping with this, our mind may pressure us to continue to be productive and this may demotivate us. So, try using this time to rest your mind and body by doing nothing. This helps you calm your mind and improves your mood.

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5. Put a pause to your fitness goals

Since you are at home, you can have an effective workout as you have at the gym, and also you have regular and unlimited access to your kitchen and this doesn’t go well with your fitness goal. This could demotivate you to quit your fitness journey and makes you feel bad about yourself. So, put a long pause to your fitness goals until you can step out of your home and be kind to yourself.

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Practising self-compassion will help you accept your flaws lets you embrace the imperfect world with open arms. This way you can stay on top of your mental and physical health.  

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