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How to keep kids safe from coronavirus?

by qalfit

In these anxious days with the deadly coronavirus creating havoc across the globe, parents are wondering: How to keep kids safe from coronavirus?

While the vaccine for coronavirus is yet to be found, Governments all over the world are taking efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although elderly people and people with underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable to coronavirus, we must take no risk by exposing the kids to coronavirus. Here are a few tips on how to keep kids safe from

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Here are a few tips on how to keep kids safe from Coronavirus.

  • Parents need to advise kids and teens to practice good hygiene and health practices. This includes frequently washing hands, avoid touching one’s eyes, nose, mouth and eating healthy.
  • As a parent, it is also important to sanitize their rooms and their accessories like clothes, toys, beds, computers, and objects they touch a lot.
  • Advise your kids to stay at least 6 feet away from someone who is coughing or sneezing and to use a handkerchief or tissue when they need to cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid taking your kids to busy places and crowded gatherings until the outbreak is under control.
  • Kids like to play outside and it is ok to allow them to play outside as long as the play area is safe and clean.
  • As the cure is yet to be found, it is important to know how to keep your kids safe from coronavirus so try to follow all the updates and news regarding the coronavirus and take the necessary precautions for keeping the virus away from your children.
  • If there are people with coronavirus in your area, be extremely cautious and follow the instructions from your local health authority to keep your kids safe from coronavirus.
  • It is important to provide facts about the coronavirus and the disease, even if tempered for a younger child and be honest with them, because of you don’t teach your kids about coronavirus, they may fall victim to rumours or misinterpret the information.
  • In the event of your kid’s school shutting down, maintaining a normal routine can make them feel calm and secured.

Children take cues from the adults that surround them. How you address the virus at home may reflect in their behaviour, so it is necessary to know how to keep kids safe from coronavirus. Take necessary precautions for coronavirus and teach your kids to maintain good hygiene. And if your kid has any symptoms of COVID-19, rush to the hospital at the earliest and take the necessary treatment. Trying to treat the disease at home with home medications is highly discouraged as not only you will be endangering your kid’s life but also other’s life as well.

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