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N-95 masks for the Coronavirus (Covid-19): Does it protect us from the deadly disease?

by qalfit

Amidst all the commotion regarding the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), N-95 masks are flying off the shelves all around the world as people believe these masks protect them from the virus. But what is this N-95 mask for the coronavirus and does it really protect us from Covid -19? Here is everything that you want to know about the N-95 mask.

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What is N-95 mask?

What is N-95 Mask | Qalfit

While the normal surgical masks can help reduce the spread of the virus by blocking large particle droplets and splatters from reaching the wearer’s mouth and nose, N-95 masks are pollution masks designed to filter out dust particles and pollutants. 

But does N-95 mask filter out viruses and bacteria?

The N-95 masks are tested to filter 95% of all particles 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. Also, it is critical to understand that a normal virus does not float in the air by itself. The virus is transported from patient to patient on droplets of excretions from sneezing and coughing and these particles are typically 5 microns or larger. So, Technically yes. They are tighter fitting, specifically designed to effectively filter airborne particles including bacteria and viruses.

N-95 masks for the Coronavirus (Covid-19):

N-95 Masks for the coronavirus | Qalfit

But doctors and health experts say that it is advisable only for the health workers and not necessary for the general public to wear N-95 masks because Covid-19 spreads through the droplets by the infected person to a healthy person if they are in a radius of 6 feet from them. But it is not guaranteed to provide 100% protection from the virus because if you don’t’ wear the mask properly or if it doesn’t fit you properly as the virus can still enter through the mask by the side gaps. So, this makes it useless for children and persons with facial hair to wear N-95 masks.

Summing up, the N-95 masks for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is not necessary at this point. Furthermore, the N-95 mask usage can make it difficult for a person to breathe, so it can become dangerous for someone who is already infected by Covid -19 or showing symptoms of infection which already includes lung infection and shortness of breath. While for the general public it is more than good to use N-95 masks, a normal surgical mask is sufficient for protection against the Covid -19 at this stage. 

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