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Stop doing these harmful habits: 5 daily Habits you don’t know that’s Harmful!

by qalfit

A recent study shows that most of your health issues are caused by your daily habits you don’t know that’s harmful. Not only alcohol and cigarettes are bad for your health, but even these daily harmful habits, over a prolonged period, are also as harmful as smoking and drinking. Check out our list of 5 daily habits you don’t know that’s harmful.  

1. Crossing your legs.

Harmful habits | Qalfit

Crossing legs is one of the common habits around the world. Almost everyone does it consciously or unconsciously, but it is one of the harmful habits that you could do to your body. When you cross your legs, you increase the pressure on the nerves that can lead to high blood pressure, varicose veins and nerve damage. So, if you feel uncomfortable sitting rather stretch your legs. 

2. Drinking lots of water.

Drinking lot of water | Qalfit

Everybody tells you to drink more water and it is an elixir of life. But drinking lots of water is equally harmful as drinking too little water. Drinking lots of water dilutes the essential electrolytes your body needs. It may also cause water intoxication which may lead to coma or even death. To avoid this, only drink when you are thirsty.

3. Eating at the work desk.

Eating at work desk | Qalfit

Eating at the work desk is one of the worst and harmful habits you could exhibit in your workplace. Your workplace is flooded with germs and bacteria that could cause serious health issues like food poisoning or even serious infection. Even more, your co-workers may be bothered by this habit of yours. So, try eating in a hygienic place rather than eating in Infront of your desktop.

4. Drinking Fat Free Milk.

harmful habits | Qalfit

People think that fat free milk is healthier than normal milk. When they remove the fat from the milk, they also remove the vitamins and minerals from it. And to compensate this, they add artificial energizers that may harm your body on a prolonged consumption. Plant-based milk could be a good substitute for fat-free milk.

5. Sleeping on your stomach.

Harmful habits | Sleeping on your stomach | Qalfit

Many of us prefer sleeping on our side or our stomach, these kinds of sleeping poses put pressure on your inner organs and on the long run may lead to nerve damage and heart issues. Try sleeping on your back as it is the best way to maintain a healthy body. Of course, we can’t control our sleeping pose, but at the very least we can try to do it and it may become a daily harmful habit.

If you don’t act immediately to avoid these 5 daily habits you don’t that’s harmful, they will slowly and silently rattle your health. 

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