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The perfect music for gym and home workout

by qalfit

Music is an integral part of an effective workout. Whether it’s a cardio workout, bodyweight exercise, running, Zumba, or spinning classes, turning up the music helps you have a good time working out even if you’re drenched in sweat and battling the muscle burn. But as it turns out, the right music for your gym and home workout doesn’t just make you feel good but also boosts your performance. 

The science behind the perfect playlist and workout 

According to a research conducted in 2020, people who listened to high-tempo music ranging from 170 beats – 190 beats per minute perceived their workouts as easier than the those who listened to lower tempo music or no music at all 

Another study conducted in 2017 showed that people who worked out to high-tempo music had an average workout time of 37 minutes while people who worked out with no music had an average workout time of 22 minutes. These researches showed that working out to music can increase your endurance, performance, and reduce fatigue. 

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This is because the right music for gym or a home workout can induce physio-psychological responses that align your body and brain to workout better, longer, and to enjoy your session. It also takes your mind away from any discomfort and distraction while working out. In other words, High tempo songs stimulate the brain and the brain rhythms to help you execute movements and avoid errors. 

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The perfect playlist for a workout:

Crafting a perfect playlist can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. So here are a few tips to get you started.

Mind the tempo: Loud and fast songs are always better than slow songs and are generally good motivators. But you need to synchronize your movements with the beat or try to match your pace with the tempo of your music to achieve the best results.

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Variety is the key: Perfecting the art of mix is important while crafting the perfect playlist because music with the same kind of beats or tempo would eventually bore you out, So try mixing your playlist with the 90’s punk rock, metal, rap and anything that helps you.

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Our perfect playlist for your workout:

A good playlist is a list that consists of workout music that is no less than 170 beats per minute, but the sweet spot where you hit that perfect playlist for music is 170-190 beats per minute. Here are our picks for perfect workout songs that you could try today!

  • “Lose yourself” by Eminem: 171 bpm
  • “Don’t stop me now” by Queen: 180 bpm
  • “Wonderland” by Taylor Swift: 180 bpm
  • “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club: 188 bpm
  • “Lay Down Sally” by Eric Clapton: 190 bpm

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Everyone has individual taste and what may work for one doesn’t work for others, so explore the right music that fits your workout mindset and make your perfect playlist. But make sure that the music had more than 170 bpm to have a blasting workout!

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