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Top 5 workouts for mental wellbeing.

by qalfit

Most people think that workouts are only there to burn calories. But workouts are more that, a good workout contributes to your mental and physical wellbeing. And this is extremely important in today’s world which is full of stress and depression. But, workouts for mental wellbeing is surprisingly underrated and goes unnoticed. We seem to concentrate only on physical health ignoring mental health. Here are the top 5 workouts for mental wellbeing you should follow this year.

1. Yoga

Yoga exercise for Qalfit

Yoga, topping the list wouldn’t be a surprise for you, because everybody knows about the benefits of yoga. Yoga is more than just meditation and breathing. You can contribute a lot to your mental wellbeing while growing stronger and flexible at the same time. Yoga is a great workout for preventing and treating anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues.

2. Dancing

dancing exercise

If you’re wondering if dancing is a workout, you definitely need to dance more! health experts say that dancing for just 30 minutes equals walking for 10 kilometres. Dancing not only burns calories when you dance, but you also lose yourself in the music and detach away from all the stress and anxiety. Moving to the music also gives you a chance to express your feelings and happiness all in one go!

3. Cycling

Cycling for mental well being

Is Depression hitting you all of a sudden? Cycle your way out of it! Cycling is a great way to lift your mood as well as to stay fit. Cycling gives you a chance to calm your mind. Also, when you go cycling, you tend to relate it to your childhood happiness because most of us had our happiest days back when we learned to cycle. So, cycling is much more than just a fat loss workout, it makes you happy!

4. Hiking

Hiking exercise

We are surrounded by too much concrete; we forget that there is a world far away from all these walls. Research shows that hiking regularly and surrounding ourselves with greenery and fresh air reduces our stress. One awesome benefit of spending time with nature is that after you start hiking, you’ll notice that you can sleep better work better and think better.

5. Group classes

Group classes exercise

Working out with your friends or people you love benefits a lot more to your mental wellbeing than you think. Group classes make the workout fun and engaging. Surrounding yourself with the people you love is great for your mental health.

Next time, if your life puts you through more stress than you can cope up with, listen to your body and try these top workouts for mental wellbeing and to reduce stress, read our article on tips to reduce stress.

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