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Different types of anxiety in 2020 and how to manage stress

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Everything we do these days has an added layer of stress around it and it’s easy to understand because dealing with a global pandemic is stressful. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that people all around the world are dealing with stress and anxiety now more than ever. This is because we are used to some level of certainty, even in our worst days, but this has been taken away during the pandemic. This uncertainty is the breeding ground for different types of anxiety and it is extremely difficult for us to manage stress with this uncertainty and anxiety. There are different types of anxiety and each requires a specific treatment to manage stress.

So, how can you cope with these different types of anxiety and what can you do with them? Here are the 5 different types of anxiety in 2020 and how to manage stress.

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1. Dealing with health anxiety

Different types of anxiety and how to manage stress.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and it is understandable to be vigilant about your health and well-being right now. But, being too cautious and vigilant, and interpreting even minor health issues as a sign of COVID-19 could mean that you’re dealing with some level of health anxiety. To deal with this type of anxiety, make sure you relax by taking a deep breath and try doing relaxation exercises regularly.

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2. Dealing with isolation anxiety

Isolation anxiety is a type of anxiety that is related to social disconnection. As human beings, we seek other human connections and this is hard-wired into our DNA. Currently, we are isolated and mediated by technology. Since we lack that physical touch and experience, this makes us feel anxious and exhausted. To deal with this type of anxiety, try not to overthink about being alone and focus on the present. This will help to reduce and manage stress.

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3. Dealing with re-entry anxiety

Have you ever felt that anxious and disturbing feeling that you get when you go to your office, school, or college after a long break? Re-entry anxiety is that type of anxiety. Since we’ve been staying home and avoiding the outside world for too long, re-entering again to our old lives may seem scary now. We try to avoid re-entry and thoughts of re-entry. This builds up anxiety. To deal with this type of anxiety, try some mood-boosting activities for enjoyment. Create a routine that helps you take simple steps towards re-entry.

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4. Dealing with Sleep anxiety

Sleep Anxiety

This is one of the most common types of anxiety in recent times. When we are anxious or stressed, it can be difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep until our usual times. Especially now, when we need more sleep, anxiety is making it hard to get overall rest. There are many reasons why we experience sleep anxiety now- muscle tension, fear of the coronavirus pandemic, and being stuck at home without any physical activity are the common ones. To deal with this type of anxiety, try working out and concentrate only on things that make you feel better.

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5. Dealing with news anxiety

How to manage anxiety?

Right from the start of 2020, people are fed with negative news and COVID-19 related news. We are unintentionally spending hours reading and hearing negative news and stories. This raises our anxiety and stress levels. Dealing with this type of anxiety is easy- if you catch yourself doomscrolling or watching the news, pause for a second and ask yourself, ‘Am I learning anything new or am I reading the same negative information in different ways?’. This helps you clear your mind and provides relief.

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This is a tough year for most of us and even those who have figured how to cope up with all this uncertainty may be dealing with anxiety. So, it is time that we address these different types of anxiety and manage stress with them before they do some serious damage to your mental health.

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